George Walker Bush on Leadership

George Walker Bush


George Walker Bush walks in the steps of greatness. People who unite us like George W. Bush will be remembered by posterity.

Lesson 1: Share a Vision

In his inaugural address, Bush expounded, "America has never been united by blood or birth or soil. We are bound by ideals that move us beyond our backgrounds.". His cabinet reflects the multi-cultural nature of our nation.

Lesson 2: Stay on Course

George Walker Bush has focused on getting his educational agenda and tax cuts approved by Congress. He has refused to be distracted by controversies over his appointments and other issues as well as the departing antics of his predecessor.

Lesson 3: Be a Great Communicator

Like Reagan and Lincoln, George W Bush has tackled issues, not people. They have taken the high road. Bush has a gift for inspiring confidence in people even though he lacks charisma. He has warned our enemies,?American remains engaged in the world, by history, and by choice, shaping a balance of power that favors freedom.

Lesson 4: Be a Team Leader

George Walker Bush, like George Washington, has not been afraid to surround himself with first-rate people, who share his policies of moving the country forward to? build a single nation of justice and opportunity.? He has not been afraid to fire people who will not follow his lead.

Lesson 5: Show Compassion by Involving the Entire Community

Compassion to help the less fortunate annoyer society should be done as a partnership between both the public and private institutions.

Lesson 6: Give Yourself Unlimited Opportunities

The nation's wisdom does not reside in the capital beltway. Encourage people to take the initiative to solve their problems instead of expecting an instant solution from Washington. Empower people to solve their own problems. Instead of indulging in the politics of envy by taxing the successful, encourage others to follow in their footsteps by removing barriers that prevent achievement.

Lesson 7: Have the Courage to Believe in Yourself

George Walker Bush has moved forward to educate the public, reach out to opponents, and communicate what he believes in. President George W. Bush invited over Senator Ted Kennedy and his family to watch Thirteen Days, a movie based on the Cuban missile crisis of the Kennedy Administration, at the White House movie room. Once more President Bush has kept a promise to teach out all Americans, friend and foe alike.

Lesson 8: Learn from Your Mistakes and Failures

George Walker Bush had a wild youth in which he experimented with alcohol and other vices. He has learned to lead a more sober life and to pursue the common good instead of private pleasure.

Lesson 9: Be a Decision-maker

George Walker Bush has promised, "We must show courage in a time of blessing, by confronting problems instead of passing them on to future generations.". He has promised to tackle Social Security, Medicare, and retirement issues.

Lesson 10: Give Something Back to the Country

Likes his father George Herbert Bush, George Walker Bush served his country in gratitude for the life of privilege that he has been blessed with.


In conclusion, George Walker Bush in his inaugural address emphasized that is our responsibility to continue America's story. George W. Bush walks in the footsteps of greatness.

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