WASHINGTON'S FINEST MOMENT OF COURAGE George Washington's finest moment of courage was not facing British bullets in the heat of battle. Rather he confronted his former comrades-in-arms. His officers had not been paid for months. They wanted to set up a new government. They approached George Washington to take charge. Washington responded, "I want to […]

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Brooklyn Heights During the American Revolution

On August 22, 1776 the British landed on Long Island. British General William Howe defeated General Charles Lee at the Battle of Long Island. This took place at Jamaica Pass in Brooklyn. The British had has lost 63 killed and 337 wounded and missing while Washington had lost about 970 men killed, wounded or missing, […]

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Presidents at War: Presidential Decisions on War and Peace

Introduction We all remember where we were on 9/11. We shall never forget. The arm-chair critics declared that the United States defeated in Vietnam did not have the will to win. The American people would be unwilling to sacrifice their children to defend their homeland. The Soviet Union [was] bogged down in Afghanistan for ten […]

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Why We Love George Washington: The American Cincinnatus

George Washington and Abraham Lincoln -- our greatest presidents -- faced the greatest challenges of any president -- from inside the nation -- domestic rebellion. Washington had established the supremacy of civilian leadership over the military. He had modeled himself after Cincinnatus. This Roman general preferred to return to his farm instead of staying in […]

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